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Washingtonville High School Announces March’s “Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards

Washingtonville High School Announces March’s
“Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards

March “Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards have been announced at Washingtonville High School (WHS). This program, initiated in January 2019, gives teachers and students the opportunity to nominate others who best represent the High School’s mission.
The vision of WHS places emphasis on the importance of the whole child and re-defining success, so the initiative focuses on positive behavior in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, or in the community. Characteristics like effort, kindness, volunteerism, and character, to name a few, are recognized. All teachers and students are given the opportunity to nominate others and nomination forms are available in the main office.

For the month of March, Grade 12 student Izzy Kocienda was selected for being a positive magnetic force that illuminates kindness and compassion. She started the Teddy Bear Project and volunteers for the Recycling Club, Best Buddies, and the Country Kid’s Food Pantry. Also, during a Cross Country meet, Izzy came across an opponent who had passed out in water and heroically used her lifeguarding skills to help revive the runner.
Grade 11 student Toni Tudor was chosen because she is the founding member of the United Culture Club and has worked to affect change by participating in the CEEP Committee, creating a video for staff that shared her experiences as a student at Washingtonville. She encourages global citizenship at WHS through promoting respect and helping educate the students and staff about the many different cultures throughout the District.

Aspire teacher Lisa Angelillo was selected because she is constantly creating ways to improve the learning experiences of students. Her positive attitude is contagious. Art educator Lara Held was selected because of her desire to help the community through her love of art. It has changed the lives of many students and community members in Washingtonville.

This month winners had lunch at Betty’s Cafe in town, were awarded a Wizard “Pride, Passion, Purpose” T-shirt and a special parking spot at the school, and are featured on the school website and social media pages.

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