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It’s Official – “Montefiore-Cornwall St. Luke’s Hospital”


“Montefiore-Cornwall St. Luke’s Hospital”

Officials, staff and indeed many from the Cornwall community were virtually gleeful as a new sign signifying Cornwall-St. Luke’s official partnership with the Montefiore System of Hospitals was unveiled this week.

By Edie Johnson
What’s in a name?  Sometimes a name change means a world of difference, and in this instance where Cornwall St. Luke’s Hospital has officially joined forces with the extended Montefiore group of hospitals, the change means that Cornwall and surrounding towns and villages will now reap the benefits of many additional world class doctors, diagnostic equipment, onsite dialysis as well as home treatments, and the highly respected Burke Rehabilitation Services.  They will also have the benefit of Montefiore’s partnership with Albert Einstein Medical School, which is continually involved in the latest classical medical studies, including some leading edge clinical trials.  As Cornwall St. Luke’s President and CEO Joan Kusack McGuirk , Dr. Steven Safyer, President and CEO of the Montefiore Group, and Board of Directors Vice-Chairman Dave Potak, made the point, they have been working toward this for years.  When they looked up, the fruits of their labors gleamed as new and attractive sign on this very well-loved hospital was uncovered.

Dr. Safyer said his vision was always to bring New York Services to Cornwall, and added “If I was sick and needed to be in a hospital bed, I’d want to be here.”  McGuirk added that as always they would remain community minded, with the end goal to help the people of Cornwall and surrounding communities stay healthy, and if they became ill to assist their return them to health as quickly as possible, while keeping hospital costs at a minimum.

Thanks were also given to now retired Senator Bill Larkin, who was present, with recognition that the funding that made St. Luke’s recent advances, possible could not have happened without his experience, connections and long reach in Albany.

A huge sheet was pulled off of the new Montefiore-Cornwall St. Luke’s sign with Cornwall residents amassed at the front entrance and cheered as the new levels of diagnostic, treatment capabilities for stroke, cardiac care, pain management, cognitive and memory issues were described.  They will be provided in tandem with the hospital’s signature focus on preventive and health maintenance measures. Kusack’s joy was obvious as her longtime promise “I will never let Cornwall down” reached a new level of attainment.  Her associates chimed in that she had attained that promise 110%.

Montefiore cornwall st bldg and crowd

Cornwall Supervisor Dick Randazzo added, “This brings us into the 21st Century.  The building is brick and mortar, but it takes heart and soul to give this kind of care.”  Speeches described the new services that will enhance care, and a red ribbon-cutting with a truly giant set of scissors to signified official opening of the Burke Rehab Center,  after which the crowd was invited to a catered lunch.

“You now have a medical staff that is second to none,
and ten hospitals behind you!” Dr. Steven Safyer

Cornwall rehab room











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