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New Windsor Town Board Swears In New Police Officers, Hears Butterhill Water Complaints

New Windsor Town Board Swears In New Police Officers,
 Hears Butterhill Water Complaints

At New Windsor’s Town Board Meeting on April 3, 2019, five new Police Officers were sworn in. With the hiring of these five new Officers, the staffing level of Police Officers for the town has finally returned to the level seen in 2007. Chief of Police Robert Doss stated, “The hiring of these new Officers will help considerably with further reducing crime and in maintaining the high level of public safety that the community is accustomed to here in New Windsor.”

Sworn in were: Richard Laccetti-Peluso, Anthony Vega, Rafael Santiago, Brenden Byman, and Kenneth Ferrier. Officer Laccetti-Peluso and Officer Santiago are already certified Police Officers, while the other three Officers will be attending the Zone 4 Police Academy located at Stewart Airport.

Butterhill residents Question New Water QualityAt the end of the town’s official agenda, public comment included concerns by about 7 residents of the Butterhill Estates housing development who said they have experienced skin problems since the town’s new filtration plant began supplying their water.  Several said that they had experienced skin conditions requiring medical care, and that white residue on their pipes and appliance lines along with additional home filtration systems could result in extended health problems and expenses.

Supervisor George Green responded that all of the water testing that has been done has shown the water quality to be perfectly safe, and that they have sent their regular testing to the Orange County Department of Health, which can confirm its safety.   Furthermore, after some residents said they had been happier with the New York City’s Aqueduct water, Green explained that aqueduct water will no longer be an option due to extended aqueduct repairs that are urgently needed. Mineral deposits are common in water supplies taken from groundwater wells, and he said that an additive has been included in the filtration process to help prevent pipe scaling. He reiterated that the town’s water from its new filtration plant has been tested over and over, proven to be safe, and that he and other board members also drink it and have had no issues.

One of the residents experiencing problems said he disagrees and plans to “do some homework about it, and have his water tested.”

Caption: Pictured above from left to right: Richard Laccetti-Peluso, Anthony Vega, Rafael Santiago, Brenden Byman, Kenneth Ferrier and Police Chief Robert Doss.

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