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THE FINAL SALUTE Blooming Grove Chief Retires After 38 Years of Service

Blooming Grove Chief Retires After 38 Years of Service

By Edie Johnson

Chief Carl Schupp had his final walkout this Wednesday, with a salute to his fellow officers.  A crowd of area police officers, officials and well-wishers  came to the Police Department  to celebrate his  38-year storied career as top cop in the Town of Blooming Grove.  Known as tough on the outside when needed, but also with plenty of compassion when called for, we asked the Chief for his favorite “criminal arrest” story.  He began by saying “I have to think for a minute.   We don’t often have crime here.”  But then he recounted the following:  An officer with the same last name as mine (his brother) who worked in the Police Department part-time, stopped on Clove Road in the Mountain Lodge area to assist a driver who was stuck in a disabled car.  A little effort at identification showed that the driver was actually a criminal, in fact a murderer who had escaped from prison in Florida, where he had killed his wife,  had fled to New York, and had been “on the lamb” for 18 years.     When Chief Schupp and his brother went to bring  him in for arrest  they had to consider that the man had a 12-year-old son.  He had worked as a handyman in Mt. Lodge Park for all that time.

The story ends years later, when the former criminal had tried to turn his life around.  After he was released he came all the way back to Blooming Grove.   Why?   He came all the way back to New York so he could thank Chief Schupp for being so respectful and kind.

Schupp said “That’s the way I was raised.”  He added, “What I am most proud of is that 99% of these other officers were also raised that way.”

Blooming Grove is well into a search for a new Police Chief.  They have narrowed the candidates down and began final interviews this week. A new chief will be found and make his own storied career, but Chief Schupp will never be “replaced”.

Chief and Jeroloman TOP RIGHT

Caption 1 –  Chief Carl Schupp takes final walkout to the salute of his department.

Caption 2 – The Chief and Blooming Grove Supervisor, Rob Jeroloman, having a final official handshake. The Supervisor, who was at a large fire on Schunnemunk Ridge as we went to press, forwarded the following statement: “The Town of Blooming Grove would like to thank Chief Carl Schupp for his 38 years of service.  It has been a pleasure to work with him as both Mayor of South Blooming Grove and now as Supervisor of the Town of Blooming Grove.  We wish him a long, happy  and healthy retirement.

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