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Bye Bye Birdie!

Bye Bye Birdie!

Washingtonville Middle School’s production of “Bye Bye Birdie” captivated audiences from April 5-6 with its story of rock star Conrad Birdie. The talented cast, along with a team of hardworking crew members, put together a rollicking musical that showcased the early 1960s, small-town America, teenagers, and rock & roll.

Cast: Jack Eubank (Albert Peterson), Ashlyn Defreese (Rose Alvarez), Jack Lombardo (Conrad Birdie), Paul Carlantone (Mr. Harry MacAfee), Madeline Coley (Mrs. Doris MacAfee), Chanel Taylor (Kim MacAfee), Logan Coyman (Randolph MacAfee). Connor Harris (Hugo Peabody), Tess Karp (Ursula Merkle), Hailey Leonard (Alice), Sofia Zizolfo-Gonzalez (Deborah Sue), Anna Buchanan (Helen), Julia Vinarub (Nancy), Samantha Greenbaum (Penelope), Ella Dueck (Suzie), Lance Frayler (Harvey Johnson), Jaxon Troast (Karl), Jeromy Finnigan (Freddy), Grace Gorczynski (Mae Peterson), Christy Ella Pagana (Gloria Rasputin), Jaxon Troast (Mayor), Summer Giovene (Mayor’s Wife), Abbey Blatt (Mrs. Merkle), Alexandra Amatulli (Mrs. Johnson), Jennay Amaral (Girl 1), Bridget Hagan (Sad Girl), Jeromy Finnigan (Ed Sullivan), Andrew Butcher and Emma Delbue (Police Officers), Jennay Amaral (First Reporter), Anna Buchanan (Second Reporter), Jennay Amaral, Alexandra Amatulli, Abbey Blatt, Anna Buchanan, Emma Delbue, Fiona Duffy, Brianna Gisler, Bridget Hagan, Kate Hendricks, Hailey Holmes, Brian Noronha, Aidan Pixley, Nicole Scherf, Margot Serafin, Sophia Siruchek, and Savanna Troast (Ensemble).

Caption 2


Bye Bye Birdie 3


Photo captions:

Caption 1 – Lovers enjoying moments together before Conrad Birdie shows up to town.

Caption 2 – The Conrad Fan Club gushing over his arrival to Sweet Apple.

Caption 3 – Students performing “The Telephone Hour” during one of the opening scenes of Bye Bye Birdie.



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