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“Wabbitville” Easter Egg Hunt & Bonnet Parade

“Wabbitville” Easter Egg Hunt & Bonnet Parade 

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville’s third annual Easter egg hunt and bonnet parade packed Vern Allen Park on Apr. 6 for festivities, food, and fun. The bonnet lineup was massive and snaked around the entire park, ending at the center grassy field whose egg-strewn center was quickly picked clean by eager children, separated by age group, who pounced upon the candy-filled eggs with glee.

Put on by the Washingtonville Community Events Council and supported by Mayor Joe Bucco, the Washingtonville Village Board, and a host of volunteers providing organizing teamwork, energy, and muscle, the event kicked off the yearly trio of W-events which have put Washingtonville on the map as a major tourist draw: Wabbitville in spring, Witchingtonville at Halloween, and Whoville at the Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting.

Rounding out the summer months is the Farmers and Artisans Market event series. Instead of a smaller weekly market, the upcoming season will see a larger monthly string of themed events starting with “A Taste of History” on May 19 in the center of the village, which will showcase a New Windsor Cantonment canon; artifacts from Museum Village; an historic medical display; a Moffat Library food-canning demo; colonial family-friendly games and activities; live music; local food vendors; farmers market produce; and artisans showing the public how to make maple syrup, quilts, hand-dipped candles, and spun wool. Other themes throughout the summer will be “Father’s Day Car Show,””Artisans Extravaganza,””Barnyard Bash,” and “Taste of the Town.”

With elegant food vendors selling giant cookies, chocolate fruit, organic breads, artisan cupcakes, kettle corn, and classy hot dogs with fanciful toppings, the public was well-fed as they danced to music and enjoyed the weather, which conspired to make the day glorious. There were photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny, and a bubble bus which spewed out giant amounts of bubbles. Enjoying that were the recycle club students from Round Hill Elementary School, who collected 2000 bottles and cans in two and a half hours, which will go towards funding the Lions Den Inclusive Playground at Memorial Park.

As for the parents? They may actually have been happier than the children. “Welcome to summer,” one dad said to his daughter sitting on top of his shoulders, as she held up her Easter basket and the goodies inside for everyone to see.

egg 6


egg 2

egg 3


CAPTION 1: Eggs eggs everywhere.

CAPTION 1: Big Carrot and Little Carrot marched in the bonnet parade (and took first place), while Tiny Carrot slept in his stroller. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 2: Washingtonville Community Events Council organizers (from l. to r.) Denni Lozza, Martha Barrera, Maaike Wiegman-Leavey, Lindsay Mitchell, Rebecca Akers, and Jenny “Beez” stand with the mysterious namesake of Wabbitville’s third annual event. (Photo provided)

CAPTION 3: A future law enforcement officer proudly donned his Washingtonville Police Department “Sweet Patrol” hat.

CAPTION 4: Bonnets galore welcomed Easter and springtime.






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