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Washingtonville Scholarship Run Takes Off!

Washingtonville Scholarship Run Takes Off!

The 26th annual Washingtonville Scholarship 5K Run took place on Apr. 6 in beautiful sunny weather after a small-chorus rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Mr. Wurster’s select high school choir. All funds raised by race participants will go towards scholarships for graduating Washingtonville seniors.

Top male finishers: Thomas Garrison 15:31.43, Shane Marchese 16:03.84, and Alex Florio 16:08.38.

Top female finishers: Kristina Messler 19:47.18, Anne Hagan 20:02.78, and Jamie Cupertino 20:19.58.

(Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 1: And they’re off! 

CAPTION 2:  Round Hill School “We’re Ready?”

CAPTION 3: Thomas Garrison

CAPTION 4: Shane Marchese

CAPTION 5: Alex Florio

CAPTION 6: Kristina Messler

CAPTION 7: Anne Hagan

CAPTION 8: Jamie Cupertino


Round Hill School for Race Page

run 1 garrison

run 2 marchese

run 3 florio

run 4 messler

run 5 hagan


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