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Blooming Grove Moves Ahead Toward a Town PDR Program, Temporary Solution to Village Brown Water Issues

Blooming Grove Moves Ahead Toward a Town PDR Program,
Temporary Solution to Village Brown Water Issues

This week’s Blooming Grove Town Board Meeting included a resolution to form a PDR/Open Space Committee that will explore Protection of Development Rights programs as well as Open Space Conservation programs and easements that can  further protect the town’s rural character.  During the past few months meetings with Chester officials provided some ideas about how theirs was developed, and the pitfalls they encountered, and hopefully the things they learned along the way that will help accelerate the process in Blooming Grove.  Over the past 2 years the Cornwall-Blooming Grove Natural Heritage Project has provided a great deal of information on land in the town that is particularly important or particularly  at risk.  Johanna Kiernan’s participation in that program along with studies and analyses by the town’s Conservation Advisory Committee will pave the way.  Several consultants with particular expertise in environmental planning will be invited to present their approaches and how they foresee them being applied to Blooming Grove.

Ward representatives each gave updates of the past month’s activities, and of particular importance is the shuttle bus in the Village of South Blooming Grove that was charged with operating illegally and contrary to a “stop-work order”.  Ward representative Sonia Ayala (Ward 4) reported that there is a supreme court hearing scheduled for April 24 at 9:30 am.

With regard to the brown water filtration issues in the Village, Ayala reported that on April 15 Mayor Jim LoFranco met with Congressman Sean Maloney’s staff and provided documentation along with a request for temporary water filtration from the State. They indicated their support and assistance for the project.  On April 11 Senator James Skoufis sent a letter to the states Department of Health supporting the need for “Greensand filters” that can be used to temporarily alleviate the brown water issues while the new system is being constructed.

Among resolutions passed were a)scheduling of a special Town Board meeting on April 30 at 7:30 pm to award the bid for Town Hall HVAC replacement and b) a resolution to submit a new Senior Center Water System for consideration as a Community Block Development Program.


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