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Pride, Passion, Purpose Wizards at Washingtonville High School

Washingtonville High School Announces April’s
“Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards


WASHINGTONVILLE–April’s “Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards have been announced at Washingtonville High School (WHS). This program gives teachers and students the opportunity to nominate others who best represent the High School’s mission. The vision of WHS places emphasis on the importance of the whole child and re-defining success, so the initiative focuses on positive behavior in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, or in the community. Characteristics such as effort, kindness, volunteerism, and character, to name a few, are recognized.

For the month of April, Grade 12 student Lily Moreno was selected for being an extraordinary young woman. She is co-president of the Student Coalition and a member of the softball team. She works with students in the Aspire Program and celebrates their successes.

Grade 12 student Billy Herndon was chosen for his passion, kindness, and sense of humor. He is passionate about everything he does, especially being a Wizard, as he attends many school events and spreads school pride.

Foreign Language teacher Lisa Algarin-Alemany was selected for being a lifelong learner who is constantly searching for innovative teaching techniques and practices. She is appreciated for being the advisor to both the Foreign Language Honor Society and Step Club, and leading the annual International Night.

ELA AIS teacher Kim Constable was highlighted for being an outstanding teacher and being involved in many activities that make WHS a better place, including the Cultural Equity Educator Project, Wizards Against Cancer Club, and United Culture Club.

This month’s winners were treated to lunch at Brother Bruno, were awarded a Wizard “Pride, Passion, Purpose” T-shirt and a special parking spot at the school, and are featured on the District’s website and social media pages.



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