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Poetry Palooza

Poetry Palooza

By James McVey

Every year April showers us with poetry. Mount Saint Mary College celebrates national poetry month every April with its April Poetry Series. This year’s series was similar to the past few in that Mount Saint Mary College brought two acclaimed poet to the Kaplan Family Library to share their poetry to the community. On April 9th accomplished author Eamon Grennan was brought in, and on April 16th the mounts own Dr. James Finn Cotter read from 4:00-5:00pm.

Eamon Grennan was born in Dublin Ireland and studied there past his undergraduate degree. He then decided to spend a year in a room and subsequently come to the United States to earn his PhD at Harvard. He is the author of more than 10 collections of poetry including: There now (2016), Out of Sight: New and Selected Poems (2010), Matter of Fact (2008), and The Quick of It (2005). In his own words he says his poems attempt “to marry speech patterns to musical language.” He took time to reflect on the writing process and the highly transient nature of poems, and other great ideas that appear suddenly. He spoke of the many years he served as a professor across the river at Vassar college.

The Mount’s very own Dr. James Finn Cotter was the second iteration in the April poetry series. He is the author of Inscape: The Christology and Poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins, and of articles on Dante, Chaucer, Sidney, Hopkins and Salinger. He has translated The Divine Comedy, published by SUNY Stony Brook. He is president of the International Hopkins Association. His poetry has been published in America, The Commonweal, The Hudson Review, The Nation, The New York Times, Sparrow, Spirit, Thought, and other periodicals. He read poems of: faith, life, death, sorrow, nature, and rebirth. Dr. Cotter said how “poems are like incantations, and come upon a person suddenly.” He fielded questions about faith, the humanities, and the natural beauty found in trails all along the Hudson Valley.

The final installation in the April Poetry Series will be held in the Kaplan Family Library room 218 at 4:00pm on April 25th. The event is open to all and we hope to see as many poets as possible!

(Photos by James McVey)


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