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Village of Washingtonville News Update

Village of Washingtonville News Update

By Eugenia Moskowitz

The annual Village of Washingtonville reorganization meeting was held on Apr. 16 at Village Hall, with Mayor Joe Bucco announcing trustee Paul Lang as deputy mayor, trustee Rich Calore as DPW liaison, Calore and Bucco as sewer liaisons, Lang as water liaison, Bucco and Lang as police liaisons, trustee Val Laudato and Bucco as building inspector/code enforcement liaisons, Laudato and trustee Diane Mack as senior citizens’ and beautification committee liaisons, and Calore in charge of village hall meeting recordings (all posted on the Village YouTube channel, please see link on village website).

The new village building inspector is William Morrissey, justices are the honorable Stephen Smith and the honorable Joseph McKay, and engineer is John Petrozzini. Zoning Board of Appeals members are Curran, Kirkpatrick, Budakowski, and Prunty, with seats open. The Planning Board is currently the village board. Members are sought. Water and sewer are handled by H2M.

The Memorial Day Parade will be May 27. The Washingtonville Community Events Council has listed its annual summertime Date Night dates as July 5 (“July 4-Ever” with fireworks to be set off in honor of Independence Day), July 19 (“Fiesta”), Aug. 2 (“Hot Rod Cars”), and Aug. 16 (“Romance”).

The dedication for the new Sewell Park across from the Middle School will be on May 11 at 11:00 a.m., and will be officially called the Naomi Sewell Richardson Memorial Park at Washingtonville Greens. Seating and umbrellas are in place in the center of the Village at E.J. McLaughlin Commons and in front of the two new center square restaurants Mystic Cafe and The Chicken or the Egg. The commons itself has been leveled and will see retaining walls, pavers, seating, and landscaping installed. Lamppost configuration will be rearranged to reflect the different setup. The lampposts may be replaced, with the ones currently there being relocated to Sewell Park.

Woodfield Park has new post-and-rail fencing, and the softball field has new yellow tubing atop the chain-link fencing, fixed electric at the batting cage, and the dugouts have been refreshed. The bathrooms have also been refreshed and there is new mulch on the playground area. The status of the skateboard equipment is currently being discussed, and may be reconfigured to allow for a basketball court. The new housing development adjacent to Woodfield Park suggests more people will be using the park in the near future, and upgrades are needed.

The Dog Run at Vern Allen Park is slated to get started in May, as will other improvements to Vern Allen using grant money secured by Senator James Skoufis (please see village hall for details.)

Four new “Welcome to Washingtonville” signs are scheduled to be installed at the four entry points to the village.

The school police officer program has been deemed a success by Chief Brian Zaccaro and is running smoothly.

CAPTION: More than 30 piles of soil have been placed at the new Sewell Park (across from Washingtonville Middle School) in preparation for the leveling and layout. The park’s dedication will be held on May 11 at 11:00am. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)


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