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The Washingtonville High School JROTC goes Camping

The Washingtonville High School JROTC goes Camping

The cadets of the Washingtonville JROTC Programs headed to Stokes State Forest for an overnight Field Training Exercise (FTX) from04 – 05 May 2019. Upon arrival they erected their tents and formed in to squads to start the round robin training. The stations were: first aid, how to read a compass and pace-count, shelter building, how to make Ranger Beads, fire building, and how to tie a Swiss-seat and negotiate a one rope bridge over water. Halfway through the training the cadets broke for lunch. They were required to bring and prepare their own food. Of course, this resulted in more snacks than normal lunch food, but they were satisfied. After lunch they finished the round robin training and then played some flag football while the Raider Commander and the leadership setup the Land Navigation Course. Once complete, the cadets worked together with their fellow squad members to negotiate the newly established course and find the designated points. This was followed by the typical camping dinner of canned food, steaks, chips, and more snacks. After dinner and some games, the cadets retired to their tents for a much needed night of rest. The weather could not have been better that Saturday. The same could not be said for Saturday night and Sunday morning. Once it started raining it did not stop. Almost everything and everyone was soaked. Cadet Matthew Sheehan said, “This was a great FTX. All of the cadets had an amazing time and will remember this as one of their favorite events for this school year. The best part was the waterbed that Mother Nature provided all of us.” The JROTC Instructors treated the cadets to a couple of McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches on the return to the high school. The cadets are looking forward to doing this again in the fall.

ROTC Spring Camp OPTIONAL pic 3Spring FTX 1

ROTC Spring Camp pic 2Spring FTX

(Photos Provided)

Caption 1: Cadet crosses the river as part of Navigation Course
Caption 2: Working with ropes is an important training skill
Caption 3: Group photo

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