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New Windsor PO Ryan Sussman Awarded Officer of theYear


New Windsor Police Department on Awards Night

Last night was the New Windsor annual Police Awards Ceremony at the Town Hall. Officers were honored for their achievements and actions, with the New Windsor Officer of the Year Award given by Chief Robert Doss to PO Ryan Sussman for his exceptional police work including number of arrests, tickets and overall performance that was “off the charts”.

Many of the Officers were also awarded  as heroes during a New York State Assembly Proclamation in Albany earlier in the week, for their heroic acts in the life-saving rescue of 4 year old New Windsor resident, Joey Federico On May 2nd, 2018.  Assemblyman Colin Schmitt hosted the award which recognized both New Windsor Ambulance and New Windsor police who were dispatched for an unresponsive child. Upon arrival to the residence, the ambulance members and police officers found 4-yr.-old Joey Federico on the floor blue, lifeless, and not breathing. It was the quick decisions and teamwork by the dispatch, ambulance and police that got Joey rushed off to Montefiore St. Luke’s Hospital and into the care of Dr. Garcia-Rybkin, where it was discovered that Joey had suffered from a massive brain aneurysm. Joey eventually ended up at Westchester Medical and had an operation that ultimately saved his life.

The New Windsor Police Department members involved are Sergeant Matthew Frankl, Officer Jeff Caldara, Detective Francis Pierri, Dispatcher Jill Nye and Dispatcher William Howles. The New Windsor Ambulance members involved are Chief Michael Bigg, Captain John Seymour, EMT Monica Duarte. It was the teamwork and decision making of each party involved that saved Joey Federico’s life.


ALbany police awards for NW

(Photos by Bob McCormick and provided by New Windsor Police Department
and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt).

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