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Skoufis Introduces Legislation to Block Hostile Village Incorporations Such As Seven Springs

Skoufis Introduces Legislation to Block Hostile Village Incorporations Such As Seven Springs

In response to hostile petitions to create new villages, such as the revenge-fueled Seven Springs proposal in the Town of Monroe, Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) introduced legislation to establish a more just and thorough process to establish new villages. Skoufis’ bill provides towns new authority to review the impact of a potential new village and requires that the incorporation is in the overall public interest. If passed, it will take effect immediately and apply to all petitions to form a new village, including those currently pending.

“Seven Springs’ impacts would be severely negative to the surrounding community,” said Senator James Skoufis. ”When proposals to create a new village elicit impacts on taxes, infrastructure, and comprehensive plans, the town and its residents ought to have a say in the matter. Our bill does just that and ensures a more accountable process is in place for hostile initiatives like the Village of Seven Springs.”

Peter Touhy, Orange County Legislator said, “I am thankful for Senator Skoufis’s efforts to secure legislation that would restructure new village petitions and am looking forward to the passage in both the state Assembly and the Senate, as well as attaining the Governor’s signature.”

The bill is currently in the Senate Committee on Local Government; Assemblyman Thiele is carrying the legislation in his respective chamber. Skoufis indicated the bill is a top priority and he will be working overtime to get it passed in the coming weeks.

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