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Blooming Grove Town Hall Renovations To Begin

Blooming Grove Town Hall Renovations To Begin

By Edie Johnson

As long and detailed as the Blooming Grove technical workshops were the past few months, the Town Board made short work of a list of critical resolutions at this week’s regular session.

Phase 1 of the Town Hall HVAC was given the ‘go ahead’ at a maximum cost of $400,000.  This will include some of the work that will tie into later renovations that will make the entry and meeting area compliant with new restrictions for court sessions. The HVAC replacement is urgent since it has already failed several times and the town was warned long ago that it’s not a matter of it will fail permanently but when.  Temporary cooling mechanisms may be needed during hot weather. The building has been able to function lacking some court-compliant conditions because it has not had any significant renovations for a long time.  Once renovations start, the new code restrictions will kick in and will require some needed extra security measures.  The contractor has requested that the building be closed, except for their work, for one day per week.  The town will begin Summer hours , and be closed on Fridays, beginning Friday, June 14 and ending about Friday September 13. Town Hall employees will work extra hours on Mon-Thurs and some staff, including Building Dept. employees may be able to use the Lasser Park building to work from on Fridays until the renovation is complete.  Work at Lasser Park is finishing up and the town hopes to begin work at May’s Field in June.

In Other Business

Highway Department Funding ($750,000) will go out for bond, as will the Tomahawk Lake Water Project.  Feedback was sought via robocalls and through the Lake District membership for a preference of length of the loan, with the result that residents requested the bonding to be for 25 years (an increase of $392) rather than 20 years (which would have increased resident water bills by $577).

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