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BREAKING: Gov Sings No Religious Vaccine Exemptions Bill

BREAKING NEWS:  Governor Cuomo Signs No Religious Exemptions for Vaccines Bill Passed By State Legislature Today


A bill co-sponsored by Senator James Skoufis to end the religious exemption for vaccine requirements for children  has passed the state Senate.  The bill had already passed in the State Assembly and was supported as well by Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. Governor Cuomo signed it within hours.  Measles, a disease all but eradicated in the past,  has spread in both Orange and Rockland counties this year, with about 25 local cases, and with summer camps beginning, some cases have recently been recorded in Sullivan County as well, and exposure noted in Middletown just last weekend. A push to educate people about the safety of inoculations has achieved some success but there are still many who are unprotected.  The disease can have very serious complications, spreads rapidly, and can cause blindness and death.  Current cases have generally been more serious and contagious compared to years ago when populations evolved some natural immunity.

New York’s current law previously allowed children to avoid vaccinations if they contradict the “genuine and sincere religious beliefs” of the child’s parent or guardian. The new bill that passed the today repeals all non-medical exemptions from vaccination requirements for children

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