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Green Street and Town of New Windsor Turn On the Power!

Green Street Power And Town of New Windsor Are Ready to Turn On the Grid Of An Extraordinary Environmental Project

By Edie Johnson

Nearly a mile of solar panel grids stretch in fields behind a wide wooded buffer along Riley Road in New Windsor.  It’s invisible to passers-by, and it’s also almost  invisible to those who live in the adjacent residential homes.  It is the most environmentally friendly large scale solar grid that most of us in this area have ever seen, and it plans to become even more of a friend to nature.  With a 10% discount on electricity to homeowners that participate at no cost,  this grid has surpassed its 700th subscriber, which means that with connection to Central Hudson this week, they will be ready to start sending economical and environmentally friendly electricity, to the tune of about 6.7 Million Kilowatt hours a year, thus saving over 118,000 tons of carbon emissions and preserving the equivalent of 960 acres of forest. What is equally impressive is that they have partnered with area foundations to give a financial portion back, and made commitments this week to do even MORE for the environment.  Green Street officials who had come down from Connecticut for the official ribbon-cutting chatted with environmental stewards who were present, including Cornwall’s Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, and said that they would like to plant buffers of bee-attracting plants and flowers, and would be glad to use the spacious wetlands beyond the grid for (supervised) environmental education purposes.  They thanked the Town of New Windsor and its officials, including Councilmen Eric Lundstrom, Steve Moreau, and Andrew Regenbaum for the support that helped make this project happen. Then they cut the wide ribbon which was, of course, bright green.




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