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Why So Few Voted in Primary

Why So Few Voted in This Week’s Primary Election

By Edie Johnson

Despite a light turnout, local primary results held some surprising totals.  Bearing in mind that the 20,000 to 30,000 residents in some of these towns can only vote in a primary if they are registered to a particular party that has a candidate running, the totals were a grim reminder of how strongly a small portion of a municipality’s members actually impact some election outcomes.  In this primary season for instance,  of 50,701 county residents who are registered to vote, the total of eligible voters who actually voted was 12.06%…… a total of 6,116 votes in Orange County.  Orange County has a total population of about 382, 226. That being said, some residents had NO candidate running in the party to which they are registered, highlighting a lack of enthusiasm in politics today in which participation in politics  is very hard work and often not very enticing.  And that being said these low participation numbers impress the importance of qualified and fair individuals to participate.

In New Windsor’s Republican Primary contest,  George Meyers collected more votes than incumbent George Green, with a final tally of 513 vs. George Green’s 469.  A total of 2 write-in votes added to the grand total of 984 in a community of about 30,000.  In the New Windsor contest for council seats, Stephen Bedetti (595) and Patricia Mullarkey (542) pulled ahead of Eric Lundstrom (438).

In Blooming Grove’s Town Clerk contest, Darlena E. Decker kept the position she has held the past 8 years, with a vote of 207 to Elizabeth Honan’s 86 votes, and 6 write-in votes.

In the City of Newburgh the contest was between Democrats for two “At Large” council seats.  Anthony Grice retained his At Large seat with 500 votes, with Omari Shakur taking the other seat with 432 votes, leaving newcomer Steven Majano with a good effort tally of 308 votes but no council seat this time around.

Town of Cornwall’s longtime Supervisor Richard Randazzo won his primary against Democratic challenger Councilman Michael Summerfield with a final tally of Randazzo 244 vs. Summerfield’s 192 and one write-in vote for a total of town votes of 437.

In Goshen, longtime Supervisor Douglas Bloomfield bested contender Joseph Betro in the Town’s Republican contest at 317 to 224.

And in the Town of Newburgh, the Town Clerk spot left empty several months ago on the passing of Andrew Zarutskie and having been performed by Deputy Clerk  Joseph Pedi,  there were 142 write-in (opportunity to ballot) votes from registered democrats who remain unidentified.  Pedi will run on the Republican ticket in November.


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