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Editorial – Wear Independence Day With Pride

Wear Independence Day With Pride

By Edie Johnson
Executive Editor
Orange County Post

Freedom is a wonderful thing.  Many in the world have never even experienced it.  The rest of us take it for granted more often than we should.  The price of it has been very high, including hundreds of thousands of deaths.  And yet the United States of American has been known throughout history as the most generous country in the world.  We have saved people from tyrants, famines, floods and horrific diseases.  Our citizens have traveled the world for a very long time, and still do,  to help those needing doctor care, access to electricity, water, and many of the basic necessities of life.  Our Peace Corps have built dams, taught people in remote villages how to run profitable small businesses.  We saved people from the worst war in history, at a huge cost to our own.

During this Independence Day and holiday week we all need to consider the cost that good Americans have paid to give us the freedoms we still have.  And difficult as it sometimes is, we should not be petty and begrudging about sorting out the many different viewpoints and perspectives that keep us apart, until we are able to come to reasonable agreement. Our country has done it since its inception, we are not cowards.  We can do it again.  Let’s celebrate our freedoms as Americans.


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