The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Patriotism American Values Kindness

Patriotism       American Values      Kindness

&   Respect for the American Flag

By Edie Johnson

Tom Becker takes his flag seriously.  In fact he’s so serious about it that it has become quite the  landmark at the border of Chester where he and his wife Cindy have a broad expanse of farmland and hillside at the edge of the Chester Valley.  He watches its condition just about as closely as veterans watch their American flags, and every few years, when the battering of weather has it looking somewhat unkempt, he brings  a very tall ladder, a power-washer, paint and lots of  elbow grease. If you think its easy and safe up on that slippery metal roof, think again. He washes and scrubs the old off, and paints it anew, red, white and blue.  The process is much like many Americans do on Independence Day.  Whatever our political views, we love our country and the freedom it affords, and so we also clean up and show our country our American pride, our reverence, and our gratitude, and commit to be a better American.

The Becker Farm Flag is a unique show of patriotism that is viewed by thousands every week as they leave the hustle and bustle of commuting on Route 17 and venture away from it at the Sugar Loaf Exit, into a grassy valley extraordinarily rich in American history as well as scenic beauty.  Becker recently retired after many years as Water Commissioner of the Village of Chester, during which he developed an aquifer protection plan for the town.  But he still spends many hours a week tending to the farmhouse, the fields, and local government, just like the proud pioneers did in the “old days”. (Photo provided)

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