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Blooming Grove Tackles New Highway Maintenance Garage Design and Property Code Revisions

New Highway Maintenance Garage Plans Are In, Property Maintenance Code Revisions Coming, and Historic Design Ready for Truck Fleet

By Edie Johnson


A New Department of Public Works Building – Supervisor Rob Jeroloman gave the board and residents some very concerning ” good news and some bad news”.  While plans have come in on a design for the new DPW Maintenance Garage, they were very different than what the town expected.  The plans had been approved during a previous administration and without having seen them the town received revised plans that are very different from what was expected and what is needed.  Basically, the DPW section and Police Storage Area are much larger than what was wanted or needed, and were expanded so much that there is not nearly enough for Highway Department Truck Storage.  With the alternative to either walk away from a $1.3 Million grant, or essentially ‘make do’ with the plans and look forward to constructing an economical steel structure the following year for additional truck storage, the best option was clear.  Additionally, designs on the roof were unacceptable.  With two-thirds of the planned roof sloping and the left portion flat, there would be too much danger from snow accumulation.  A revised roof design will be needed.

BG Garage page 5 with bg storyif needed to fill

Council members rolled their eyes wondering who would have approved such a design.  Councilman DeVinko said “A Supervisor would have had to sign off on the prints”. The accepted design will take 60 days to award a bid, 30 days for final engineering /paperwork to be completed and 120 days for a start date of April 2020 if there are no complications.
Board members reviewed possible Property Maintenance Code revisions that will address primarily grass maintenance, trash, and vehicle storage.  With a heavy helping of rain this year, there have been some issues in the town with properties (mostly unoccupied or foreclosed) with unkempt lawns.  The board is considering  adopting the same wording that was crafted for the Village of South Blooming Grove several years ago, since it has worked well.  New York State sets a limit of grass being no higher than 11 inches, and in case any instances of complaint end up in court the board members are inclined to use the same measure. While several councilmen were not  totally onboard with putting additional restrictions on homeowners, points were made that recently homeowners had actually thanked the Building Department for keeping a closer look at grounds maintenance, saying that there this is timber rattlesnake season up in the Mountain Lodge area, and a mom who said that with reports of attacks by foxes in the region she had been frightened for her child when a fox was seen lurking in a neighbor’s high grass. Currently Blooming Grove only has limits set on lawn maintenance for construction sites.  The town has also crafted restrictions on vehicle storage and with the many alternative vehicles it has printed samples of what is permitted and what is not, including size, whether it is operational and registered, along with other criteria which will be further debated in the coming months when a public hearing will receive input from residents.


Jason Kramer Page 5 and Chuck Quick (2)

Historic Logo -The Blooming Gove Highway Department vehicles is getting  a new logo design.  Councilman Jason Kramer has been working on it for months.  It showcases the early days at Hardscrabble Road where the railroad came through at what is now the corner of Craigville and Hardscrabble.


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