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Just Add Water: Monell’s Recipe for a Great Wetdown

Just Add Water:  Monell’s Recipe for a Great Wetdown

By Eugenia Moskowitz

The recipe is simple: one new firetruck to be baptized; other fire companies swinging by from near and far; music, families, cornhole, and a bounce house; and a gazillion hamburgers. Just add water.

Washingtonville’s Monell Engine Company has the recipe down pat with its most recent wetdown on July 6. And the result? Probably the best time area children, residents, and teen and adult firefighters could have as firetrucks came blaring down to the firehouse at 89 East Main Street and, with the same haste as if battling a real blaze, screeched to a halt, hooked up their hoses, and attacked Monell members in a massive water-fight. After getting thoroughly soaked in return, they would park, come around back, and enjoy the party.

Monell was proud to welcome its new baby, Tanker 577, to its family on the perfect day for a soaking: blazing hot and muggy, with everyone wiping sweat from their brows and eagerly listening for the next round of firetrucks to come along and cool everyone off. But even between soakings, children took rain-showers with garden hoses as well as from the real guns manned by junior firefighters who showed them how to handle the spray-nozzles. And if you were standing too close? Well then you got soaked too.

Beautiful commemorative t-shirts in gray and pink were for sale inside the firehouse, featuring a color picture of the new truck on the back, and people eagerly purchased them, as the next wetdown at Monell likely will not happen for some time due to the integrity of the current fleet of apparatus.

Many Monell members proudly wearing these shirts were present with their families, including Chief Gary Hearn, assistant chiefs and line officers, and someone who discovered that dumping a spaghetti pot of ice water from the second story window works well to cool people off, too. Word has it his brothers will get him back later.

wetdown 2

Wetdown pic E3

CAPTION 1: Visiting fire companies sprayed the Washingtonville Monell Engine Company’s new Tanker 577, here shrouded in mist, with water. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 2: Children got doused between heavy soakings with friendly downpours from junior and senior firefighters. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 3: Near whiteout conditions from spray and fog nozzles created cooling fun on a very hot and muggy July 6 wetdown. (Photo by Martha Barrera)

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