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Scholars immersed in summer research at the Mount

Scholars immersed in summer research at the Mount

Newburgh – For nearly two dozen Mount Saint Mary College scholars, happiness is a stunning view of the Hudson River, a warm breeze, and the opportunity to conduct their own diverse research projects through the college’s annual Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE).

Over the course of two summer sessions, Mount professors from across disciplines act as mentors to the students as they explore a plethora of subjects. This season, students and faculty are participating in a total of 18 research projects. The effort is coordinated by Evan Merkhofer, assistant professor of Biology.

In the Natural Sciences, faculty mentor James Moran, associate professor of Biology, oversaw Elizabeth Halpin of LaGrangeville, N.Y. on their project, “A study of the Immunostimulatory Capacity of OxyVita Blood Substitute.” When perfected, the OxyVita blood substitute could decrease the need for blood donations. Since it does not require refrigeration, it could be used in hospitals, combat situations, during power outages, and more. Through the SURE program, Mount students have been studying the OxyVita blood substitute, proudly passing the torch to the next scholar upon graduation, for more than five years. Their research has helped to advance the OxyVita project in many ways.


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