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Demonstrators Protest Immigration Policy In Newburgh and Cornwall

Demonstrators Protest Immigration Policy
In Newburgh and Cornwall

For the second week in a row, protesters demonstrated in cities and towns around the area. These included dozens marching with placards in the streets of Newburgh and about 40 more in  Cornwall who are concerned with President Trumps orders for ICE to “Round up thousands of illegal migrants”.   They carried placards saying “Together We Fight For All” and “Never My President”.  One shirt said “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds”. In Cornwall-on-Hudson, Mayor Brendan Coyne organized a Lights for Liberty event at Donohue Park. There was a candlelight vigil and over 40 community members attended. The area’s greater Latino community spread information to area migrants about rules that ICE employees are required to follow; mainly that they do not have to be given entry to a home without presenting a warrant and offering Miranda rights.  With the City of Newburgh having declared itself a “Safe and Welcoming/Sanctuary City” 2 years ago, it has a generally good rapport between immigrants and police who do not question them unless there is a criminal involvement.

The warning of roundups comes as a result of failure of lawmakers and the President’s office to come to an agreement about closing loopholes in current immigration laws which contain a vast gray area that offers asylum to anyone who can prove they are fleeing serious danger.  With life-threatening conditions in the so-called “Triangle of Countries in South America” including Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Columbia” and aid to those countries slashed, there are about 150,000 migrants currently seeking asylum.  A ruling this week that bars asylum seekers coming from third-party countries (any country other than Mexico) will likely see a challenge in court, but will meanwhile leave many thousands at the border in a worsening crisis of limbo.

(Photo by Brian Wolfe)


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