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The Boys of Summer Washingtonville Senior Little League Takes 2nd at States

The Boys of Summer

Washingtonville Senior Little League Takes 2nd at States

After a season full of hard played successes, the Washingtonville Senior Little League team went to state finals and nearly blew the competition away with a series of wins and one loss going into the final game. They won against Taconic (15-9), Massapequa (7-4) Castle Hill (7-3) and Webster (9-5).  With such a long run to be proud of the team came in second in the state, losing the very last competition to Half Hollow Hawks (3-1).  Their very proud coach said” On behalf of the coaches, parents and players of the Washingtonville little league senior all stars, I would like to say thank you for all the support from all our friends, family and this amazing community.  This was a magical run for this group of young men. A run at a state championship that came up just short losing in the final championship game. These young men finished with a 12-2 record, while outscoring opponents 135-45. It was an absolute honor to be with these boys and watch them play, laugh, bleed and cry together. He credited what he calls ” Our boys of summer”
David Miscovic, Jack Farley, Devan Trowell, Sal LoSauro, Nicky Morello, Nick Santillo, Jack Baumkirchner, Matt Rocke, Marino Santillo, Ryan Smith, Andrew Davy, Anthony Picone, Ryan Lerner and Joey Anson” and added for himself and the other coaches “It was an honor to coach you men.”. Coaches Mike Picone, Anthony Pena, Paul Santillo and Dave Miscovic

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Wash Win against Taconic

Winning against Taconic

Wash Anthony Picone at bat.jpg

Mike Picone at bat

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