The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Braving The Heat At New Windsor Little League Complex


By Edie Johnson

Please use NWBB1 (2)

New Windsor Little League Complex – Newburgh Free Academy and New Windsor baseball kids braved some pretty severe heat to practice their  pitching, hitting and running skills during a joint NFA/New Windsor Summer Camp held this week.  Even though the thermometer was sometimes hitting over 100 degrees their enthusiasm was  endless while they spent hours perfected swings.  Good sense prevailed however, with them taking frequent breaks to cool off in the shade  and get well hydrated with a plentiful supply of water. Head Coach Scott Seabury  kept a close eye on them to make sure no one became overheated, and gave a little extra encouragement saying “Hey, you have to get that swing right if you want to be in the newspaper”. (Photos by Coach Scott Seabury and Edie Johnson)

The camp is run by the NFA baseball staff and players, and many kids ages 6 through 14 from both Newburgh and New Windsor attend and participate.

(Photos by Scott Seabury and Edie Johnson)

At the NFA Summer Camp the batters from Newburgh and New Windsor were up to the plate….again, and again and again.  Some hit the ball hard, some hit it softly and carefully, and some whacked it out to the outfield.  The point was to perfect the swing, and make contact.






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