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Golf Outing Raises Funds for Newburgh Armory


Golf Outing Raises Funds

For Newburgh Armory

Last weekend Bill Kaplan and Alan Seidman (Executive Director of the Contractors Association and one of the event organizers) welcomed golfers to the Inaugural Kaplan-Larkin Golf Outing. Eighty-eight golfers took part in the Outing at the Powelton Club in Newburgh on August 2.

The event, which honored Newburgh businessman and philanthropist William Kaplan and retired State Sen. William Larkin,  raised $125,000 for the Newburgh Armory Unity Center The NAUC (Newburgh Armory Unity Center) was created in response to the specific needs of residents and students of the City of Newburgh. Close to 500 students per week and their parents receive instruction in a variety of topics including literacy, computer science, graphic design, engineering, mathematics, chess and gardening. In less than seven years NAUC has impacted more than 8,000 youth annually with programs from preschool through grade six in reading, health and wellness and athletics.Kaplan, the founder and chairman of NAUC, has overseen the creation of a groundbreaking collaboration between the Newburgh City School District, Mount Saint Mary College, SUNY Orange and SUNY New Paltz.

Caption 1:  Bill Kaplan welcomes attendees.

Bill Kaplan

Caption 2: Retired Orange County Court Judge Jeff Berry reacts after a putt during the Kaplan-Larkin Golf Outing.

Hon. Jeff Berry@Kaplan-Larkin0802

Caption 3: Bill Karnett, Dr. Andrew Resler, Mike Pacella and John Sergi playing in the Kaplan-Larkin Golf Outing at the Powelton Club in Newburgh (above)

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