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“…Out of a DeLorean?”

“…Out of a DeLorean?”

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville Date Night’s latest make and model took place Aug. 2 at Vern Allen Park featuring a Hudson Valley Hot Rods car show, live music by The Vibe, and an outdoor screening of the iconic 1985 car-themed time-travel/love-story movie Back to the Future.

Currently the major spark plug location of village festivals created by the Washingtonville Events Council, Vern Allen Park is slated for upgrades with grant funding shortly, including a dog run.

The date night crowd enjoyed extras such as food trucks, children’s lawn games, and a cozy atmosphere. While luxury Corinthian leather seating was not included, lawn chairs, blankets, and picnic baskets were everywhere.

Washingtonville Police Department officers cruised by between calls to interact with the children and enjoy the high-octane fun, a consistent hallmark of the social events in Washingtonville, which draw crowds even during the lazy days of summer when many people are away at the shore.

The movie charmed everyone with its style, pacing, and wholesome good humor, scoring a high mark from the audience of J.D. Power and Associates — no gull-wing doors necessary. As the opening theme-song goes: That’s the power of love.

The next Date Night will be Aug. 16 with live music by Shadetree Mechanics and the movie Dirty Dancing.

CAPTION 1: While Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled back in time on the screen, Washingtonville Events Council volunteer member were busy running the event. Here, Maaike Wiegman-Leavey (left) and new Washingtonville resident Deanna Peralta (right) manned the cotton candy machine. (Photos provided)

CAPTION 2: Oversized lawn games entertained the children.

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