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New BG Maintenance Garage Plan Meets FEMA Cap And Safety Concerns

New BG Maintenance Garage Plan Meets FEMA Cap And Safety Concerns

Building  will now Keep Same Footprint, Same Roof & Cost Less Money

By Edie Johnson

Blooming Grove – After a lengthy discussion about Town of Blooming Grove’s plans for Open Space resulting from its joint Rural Heritage Study with Cornwall (report to be shared with public next month), Blooming Grove Town Board reviewed a new concept plan for revamping its Highway Maintenance Garage.  The first design came in 33 1/3% over budget and with design elements that posed safety issues and did not meet some of the department’s needs.  This new plan sticks with the building’s existing framework and will result in costs “in the right range for the available FEMA funds”

Engineers are hoping to get the designs out for bids sooner rather than later, because by the time Spring is here most of the best area contractors already have jobs lined up. And they prefer to hire highly qualified local contractors if possible.  This new design version will require a lot less construction, thus saving money for needed equipment.  The interior is also having some redesign  that will leave extra room between lifts and machinery, thus making the building more maneuverable. There will be no new roof, so the roof slope will not be an issue.

Meanwhile Mike Lamoreaux , Director of Operations from McGooey, Hauser & Edsall is working with Highway Supt. Wayne Kirkpatrick on design of a new storage building for the towns truck fleet since the Maintenance Garage will not have room to store most of the truck fleet in Winter.  Lamoreaux can take potential truck storage designs and with an architectural CAD program place the resulting potential designs on different portions of the site so that they can determine what will create the best traffic flow pattern for the fleet. Supervisor Rob Jeroloman explained that if diesel trucks are left outside during mid-winter, the fluids will freeze and the trucks simply won’t start.

In Other News  – Councilman Tom DeVinko presented a preliminary plan for an ice rink at May’s Field.  It would be put on top of the surface of the basketball field and a temporary fence put around the edges. As a number of other area towns have done, he said, the base could be stored throughout Summer and Fall months, and the set-up might expand to include a few things like benches and hot chocolate.  Next step will be determining the best size for the rink.

Supervisor Jeroloman said the Town is sending police officers to commercial vehicle safety training so they can conduct commercial vehicle safety checks.   People are commenting about increasing truck traffic, especially along Route 208 and Clove Rd.   Not only can an improperly loaded or overloaded truck and other truck maintenance issues be illegal, they can provide a serious safety hazard. Jeroloman  recalled that when he was Mayor of the Village of South Blooming Grove they had an officer who was trained to do the stops, and in just one roundup they issued tickets totaling well over $30,000.

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