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Compromise At Storage Unit Facility on Toleman Road

Compromise At Storage Unit Facility on Toleman Road

New Windsor – A storage facility at the corner of Toleman Road and Route 207 has had controversy in the past. But a few compromises may allow a proposed expansion to proceed.  At a presentation this week in front of the New Windsor ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals), the applicant, Rob Vollers,  offered several changes to their expansion  plan.  In addition to removal of one of the buildings, they agreed to improve front and side yard setbacks. The drop from 6 to 5 additional buildings will also lower the expansion from 150% to 132.4%.


While Vollers has offered an attractive office entrance and feels that the facility provides a valued and needed service to the community (both for general storage and a place to store their boats and RV’s when not in use), residents who live in the neighborhood have in the past benefited by having a beautiful distant view of a vast area of fields as well as a view of the Schunnemunk Ridge.  Some neighbors still have much of that view, but others now see storage buildings. Vollers added that in terms of the types of facilities that might have been built there, his company has relatively low impact, and that business and traffic usually happens at “off peak” times.  Additionally, he made the point that on the one side he is the owner, and therefore the one impacted by any change. For many people, he said “Trailers, RV’s and boats are a lot like pool tables.  When you get them you think you will be using them a lot.”  Then it turns out they are seasonal, and not in use 1/2 to 3/4 of the year.

While the public hearing was ended at the last meeting, these changes prompted the board to reopen it for the public at their meeting on August 26 when the public will have a chance to comment on the changes.

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