The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Where’s The Lake?


By Edie Johnson

New Windsor, Cornwall and Blooming Grove – With the dam at Beaver Dam Lake out of operation  for most of the past year, it resembles a scene reminiscent of “How Green Was My Valley” more than the beautiful lake that has offered some of the best recreational opportunities in the County to its lakeside residents.  Area residents have been shocked to see the vegetation, which has reached waist and shoulder high levels at some places due to a delay in major reconstruction of the dam.

But area residents should not be overly concerned.  This is far from the only dam that has been disassembled, and officials will work with the County’s DPW and state DEC officials to bring it back once repairs are completed.

Area residents who live by Brown’s Pond and its dam in Campbell Hall (which is also expected to have its dam walls disassembled in the near future), told the Orange County Post that they have seen that pond emptied numerous times, and that once the vegetation is covered with water and freezing temperatures the vegetation will in time die off and Beaver Dam Lake will be once again beautiful.

July’s Lake District Report described some new measures that they planned to take due to wood crib walls that were unexpectedly encountered in parts of the spillway during construction”  At that time District Lake Chairman Lawrence Rossini said that the goal was still “to complete the remaining construction work by early 2020 and be able to re-fill the lake during the Spring of 2020.”.

This month’s report by Chairman Rossini included the following statement of progress:

“Installation of reinforcing steel along most of the several hundred feet of core wall has been completed.  Several large reinforced concrete “deadman” anchor blocks have been installed in preparation for final tie rod connections to the sheet pile training walls behind the dam.  Additional concrete demolition and concrete saw cutting to accommodate the revised spillway design is underway and should be complete next week.  The new 18 inch and 24 inch sluice gates (long lead time items) have arrived on site.  The long lead time precast concrete Fusegates have reportedly been manufactured and are being stored at the supplier until the supporting foundation is completed on site.  There are four of these units weighing approximately 40 tons each that will make up the top of the new spillway.  The updated project schedule should be available later this month and will be distributed once received from the County.”

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