The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead



New Windsor /Cornwall – The New York Air Show may technically begin on Saturday, 8/24, but it has truly been an all-week event. Jets have been arriving and turned heads skyward all week as the anticipation grew. Finally the big morning came on Thursday with 24 jets flying down the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty and back.  This time it included the striking United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force Red Arrows.  There were vantage points, and vantage points.  Some views around the area were spectacular, and others ‘not so much’.  A group of hopeful flyover viewers and photographers assembled at Cornwall Landing, thinking it might just be the best view of all.

Flyover at Landing

Flyover at bridge (3) from Cornwall Landing

Caption (Above)  From Cornwall Landing (by Donna-Marie Corey)
Caption: Cornwall Landing Gathering – By Edie Johnson


Veteran families chatted, children ran in the grassy areas along the shore, tugboats, jet skiers, and a few sailboats waited while a brisk warm breeze slapped waves against the shore.  It was a delightful scene, but the jets were very high as they crossed the river and went behind the mountain, so only a few with special lenses got a clear view.  Other vantage points got “THE shot”  of the red, white and blue smoke trails that made the wait totally worthwhile.

This was all just in anticipation of the full Air Show at New York Stewart International Airport on Saturday and Sunday.  Visitors to the area have a chance for double fun, at the Air Show, the New Windsor Community Day festivities, or both. (Flyover Photo by Mark N. Gregg)


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