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Blooming Grove HACKED !!

Blooming Grove HACKED !!

By Edie Johnson

At Blooming Grove’s Town Board Meeting, Supervisor Rob Jeroloman  announced that the town’s website, along with several other nearby towns, had been hacked.  The town works with a New Windsor IT company that also handles computer issues for other local towns, and it was determined that the server was the culprit and needs to be upgraded to a more current and more secure system.  The upgrades can be made in a week or two, and there will be minimal change for any users of the site. All THREE local systems that had been hacked used the same platform, and they were assured that a different software system will make it more secure.

Councilwoman Sonia Ayala reported that water use restrictions continue in the Village of South Blooming Grove and will be discussed at Monday’s Village Board Meeting with respect to how the system of tracking use is done, and whether it has been successful.  Ayala also said that regarding the controversial “blue bus”, Judge Slovak has placed a Preliminary Injunction against its operation, and it will be revisited on September 3.

Ward 6 Councilman, Steven Amante, clarified that due to speeding issues he is working with the state to try to have “Rumble Strips” installed before and after the intersection of Route 208 and Round Hill Rd.  Rumble strips are different than speed bumps in that they are recessed and do not interfere with winter plowing. This is especially important since with additional students coming to Round Hill School there will be increased traffic.


Road work is continuing on Barnes Road, as well as Mt. Lodge, Orchard Lake, Menayas and Lasser.  Current work is grinding and leveling, which is in preparation to paving that will be done in late September. The South Blooming Grove Fire Department Parking Lot will be done as well, under an Inter-municipal Agreement.  In Ward 1, Jason Kramer reported that storm drains are being replaced on Decker Drive, and there are plans for paving

The Town will have its first Budget Workshop at 6:30 on September 24.

Stay tuned!  Mt. Lodge Fire Department is having a Meet the Chief event on September 18 so that residents can meet our town’s new Police Chief.


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