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Old Field Farm Caps Off Successful HVHS Show Season

Old Field Farm Caps Off

Successful HVHS Show Season

By Edie Johnson

Old Field Farm in Goshen is one of the largest show barns in Orange County and has been bringing its equestrians successfully to shows all over the region for, well, as long as most of us can remember, in addition to doing onsite training, boarding, and lessons.  Additionally, they hold the Annual Hudson Valley Horse Shoes Series, which brings participants from all over the county and beyond.  From Owner Debra Corr, her daughters Lindsey Caruso and Jess Gocke to the newest gen, little Olivia Caruso, who has showing on ponies practically since she could sit up and already has a nice collection of blue ribbons, they are Orange County equestrian nobility (not to mention their vast efforts to protect our county’s horse country and farms, both with environmental efforts and their Exclusively Equine Realty company which is dedicated to saving farmland).

Last week Old Field Farm held the last of their Summer horse shows season. Bright and early some of the top riders in Orange County showed their stuff, along with new horse owners and youngsters just beginning to start their collection of ribbons.  Grooming of the outdoor riding ring and indoor arena and the beautiful jumps and flower decorations for showtime is all part of the allure.

Like any other athletes, beginner or advanced, it’s the sportsmanship that counts, and it really is not about which color ribbon you won, but that you did your best.

Caption1:  This paint horse has eyes and ears forward, not in the least bothered by the combination of jumps and giant butterfly….as it should be for success. Rider too is looking at and poised for the next jump.

Caption 2:  These 2 young competitors are being gently encouraged by Lindsey as they get ready for their turns.

Caption 3:  Tidy and pretty is the name of the game as far as dress is concerned.  Note that just like their mounts the girls have ribbons and nice tight braids.

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