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Teamwork Saves Kitten From Storm Drains

highway-department-saves-cat-vet-536-toward-vet-bill-so-far.jpgTeamwork Saves Kitten From Storm Drains

About a week ago, the Blooming Grove Humane Society received a call about a cat stuck in a storm drain. We went to check it out but all was quiet. Awhile later sure enough there were “meows” coming from the storm drain. We tried to improvise some things to help the cat out but no luck. Even putting food down in the storm drain didn’t interest the cat. At that point it was time to ask for help from the HWY department to open up the storm drains and try to guide the cat towards one or the other so it could be reached. Still no luck. We received help from a resident who had a remote control car with a camera and tried to coax the cat to go in one direction towards one of the drains, but this was a very smart cat and just jumped over the car and into the drains. At that point, we were also able to see that it was a very young kitten. Joe and the men from the HWY department went back again the next day with nets and traps, fortunately this time the kitten was close enough to the storm drain and was able to be reached with a net.

We named her Piper.  She was taken to the vet where she needed some fluids and a hospital stay for a few days. It was touch & go for a while because she was very tiny and very stressed. Hospital stays at the vet can be costly, at this point her medical bill is close to $1000, but we felt it was worth it to give this little girl a chance. Although still on medication, she is doing much better, she’s active and very sweet. She won’t be up for adoption until she is medically cleared. She still has more medical needs coming up so if you would like to donate to the Blooming Grove Humane Society for Piper’s medical care any help would be appreciated. We would like to thank the Town Of Blooming Grove HWY department for helping to make this rescue possible.





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