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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Message from Washingtonville Mayor Joe Bucco

Over the past few months our Village has seen an overall improvement in its appearance. We have started our infra-structure project. We have replaced sidewalks, curbing, maintenance holes (manholes), catch basins and soon we will begin our paving project on Decker Drive, Hayes Place and Smith Court.  Our paving project on Decker Drive, Smith Court and Hayes Place will begin on or about September 3.

We have installed a fountain in the Memorial Pond and soon in the Ahern Pond. In conversation with the DEC, installing these fountains will enhance the water quality, reduce algae, and break down bacteria. The list of positives with this decision goes on and on.

Other happenings to date in the Village:

  • Our Wastewater Plant Project is 75% complete and we are pushing for completion by end of year.
  • Dog Park plans have been finalized and construction will begin shortly.
  • Sewell Park layout will begin late September/early October.
  • Update our Village website to be ADA compliant.
  • Studies are being conducted for Emerson Drive and Seacord Lane for water, sewer and paving.
  • Conceptual design plans for center square E.J. McLaughlin III Common will be presented within the next couple of weeks.
  • Our Village Entrance signs have arrived and will be installed during the month of September.

I’m asking all residents for their patience as we continue to fix the village infrastructure, beautify our village, our parks and our quality of life. Please call Village Hall at 845-496-3221 and please continue to monitor our Facebook postings and Village Website.

Joseph Bucco



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