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Round Hill Elementary Update

Round Hill Elementary School Gets New Assistant Principal Along With New Addition and Full Day Kindergarten Children

Blooming Grove – Round Hill Elementary School welcomed Mayda Amabile as its new Assistant Principal on August 5. During Mrs. Amabile’s first year, she looks forward to establishing relationships and building trust with faculty, staff, students, families, and the community at large. “I want to learn what’s important to everyone and how I can help support them,” she said.

All kindergarten full-day classes in the Washingtonville Central School District will be held at Round Hill Elementary School’s new kindergarten wing starting this September. Teachers there have been getting their brand-new classrooms ready, while over at Taft, where half-day AM and PM kindergarten used to be held, the classrooms have been converted into regular-use classrooms.

Steven Amante, who is Blooming Grove’s Ward #6 Representative, has been working with the State of New York to obtain a traffic slowing device …. before and after the intersection of Route 208 and Round Hill Rd. just before Round Hill Elementary School since speeding is already an issue just north of the school.  They are “Rumble Strips, which are different from speed bumps.  Speed Bumps are raised and cannot be used on main roads since they are an issue for plowing during winter.  Rumble Strips are recessed and will not pose a problem for road crews.

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