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Urban Coyotes and a Mountain Lion?

Urban Coyotes and a Mountain Lion?

Earlier this week a coyote raided chickens at a Blooming Grove farm, and then threatened a burro equine farm at another nearby farm.  They could be heard howling to their young (a pack of cubs is usually 4-6 youngsters but can be more) to come on out and start hunting, mostly in and around the marsh on Round Hill Road, the wooded areas between Round Hill and Prospect Road, and up on Old Dominion.  Residents in the area need to be alert with their small animals and any small children playing outside.  But what no one expected was what looks very much like a mountain lion (or bobcat) that was seen by the border of Cornwall and Highland Mills…a local zoologist says that he believes it to be a mountain lion.  Bobcats are smaller and have shorter tails.  Police and the DEC have been alerted.

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