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Full Day Kindergarten’s First Day Celebrated at Round Hill


Full Day Kindergarten’s First Day Celebrated at Round Hill

Blooming Grove – With the new full and half-day kindergarten school session starting this week at Round Hill School (part of the Washingtonville School District), many parents chose to bring their very young children to the school themselves for the first day, giving them words of encouragement and lots of “high 5’s” to start their day.  But then bus after bus came with little ones all on their own, marching according to orders in a nice straight line.  Some had big smiles on their faces while others looked a little unsure as they stepped into this new journey.

The District’s new Superintendent  Dr. Larry Washington along with longtime Superintendent Roy Reese who will work alongside with him until October 1, were  there to greet them along with supportive teachers, Senator James Skoufis and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.  All went smoothly except for one young kindergartner who wept unconsolably while clinging to her mother. Everyone gave her encouragement and support to gain the courage for her first day.

This is the first year of funded Full Day Kindergarten after Senator Skoufis was able to obtain full funding for the first year, about 65 percent the second year, and about 35 percent the third year.

The superintendents, teachers and officials clapped and gave encouragement to the students as they walked up a decorative pathway with cheerful balloons


IMG_9740   IMG_9721


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