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Washingtonville Unveils Travel Baseball Team

Washingtonville Unveils Travel Baseball Team

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville recently announced its own travel baseball team. Like the town’s soccer and basketball leagues, which have both recreational and travel-team branches, and like most neighboring Orange County towns, Washingtonville now has its very own Hudson Valley Hawk

Starting with a 10-and-under team (with a cutoff birth date of April 30), and with tryouts on Sept. 15 and 22 at 10:00 at Mays Field, coach Lucas Kascheres said the organization has been formed under the umbrella of the Greater Hudson Valley travel league and will play teams from Yonkers, Yorktown, Mahopac, and other surrounding areas. Kascheres, who also coaches with Washingtonville Little League (WLL), said WLL organizers have been positive about Washingtonville having its own travel team in addition to WLL which has a large springtime roster and a good-sized fall ball list.

In keeping with the spirit of local revitalization, Kascheres said starting a travel team in Washingtonville offers parents a locally centered home base with practices at Mays Field, while offering Washingtonville children the extra experience, beyond rec, of playing more games farther afield.

Associate coaches Anthony Pena and Chris Wilger also are longtime WLL coaches, and Kascheres said Washingtonville native and former minor league player Sean Gottschalk will coach the kids at some of the practices. “Everyone is welcome to try out with the Hawks,” Kascheres said, “even if your child doesn’t reside in Washingtonville or go to Washingtonville schools.”

For more information, please contact the Hudson Valley Hawks at or 845-245-8507.

CAPTION: Washingtonville’s very own travel baseball league, the Hudson Valley Hawks, was created as a travel extension of the Washingtonville Little League rec program by WLL coaches Anthony Pena, Chris Wilger, and Lucas Kascheres. (Photo provided)

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