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New Blooming Grove Police Chief Describes Plans, Gives Warning About New State Laws

New Blooming Grove Police Chief Describes Plans,
Gives Warning About New State Laws

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Board members and a few residents attending this month’s Workshop Session got a glimpse of the town’s new Top Cop, Alex Melchiore, and some important changes he anticipates, both beneficial and problematic.  New laws that will take effect in January, he said, will require a very unrealistic time frame requirement to process criminals. Processing will be restricted to 15 days.  But some necessary tests take up to 30 days, creating an impossible situation, one that will require significant additional paperwork which in turn will cost municipalities .

On the other hand, Chief Melchiore sees promising avenues to settle the town’s longstanding contract dispute with the police union.

Melchiore has over 40 years of experience, most recently in the Villages of Monroe and Tuxedo Park, especially when Monroe felt the need to call upon his expertise in helping a relatively young police force help build the experience needed for members to start moving up in the ranks.  He had retired in 2016, but responded to calls that his expertise was again needed in both Monroe and Tuxedo Park, and worked double duty.  This expertise, bringing up new officers through the ranks, is an asset he feels will be very valuable for the Town of Blooming Grove force which has a gap between young relatively inexperienced members, and those who are longstanding and have plenty of experience. Melchiore has been and will continue to meet with the town’s numerous fire departments and observe characteristics around various sections of town. He said “I want to know both the good and the bad!” On Wednesday, September 18, Mountain Lodge Fire Company is hosting a “Meet the New Chief of Blooming Grove” event, 7:30 pm at the Mountain Lodge Park Fire Station.

In other Business:  The Carnival held at Museum Village last week was so successful that the Town has decided to craft an Event Law, to ensure that when thousands show up instead of a few hundred visitors, the event will run smoothly and safely.  More details in coming weeks as this law is developed.

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