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Newburgh Wages War On Infrastructure Problems



Over 200 Water Leaks Found & Repaired, Safe Crosswalks Installed

 Repairs Results in Huge Water and Sewer Savings

Newburgh DPW fixing crosswalks and adding accessibility

The City of Newburgh’s Water Department reports that they have repaired hundreds of water leaks in the City’s drinking water distribution network which has resulted in a historic reduction in water production rates at the treatment plant. Over 200 leaks were repaired in the drinking water distribution network, reducing demand on the water treatment system from 6.3 million gallons per day in year 2016 to 2.8 million in year 2019.

The department began an in-depth investigation of leaks in 2016 when a leak detection contractor hired by the City spent two weeks surveying the water distribution network using high intensity listening equipment to check for water leaks. The investigation revealed 230 potential leaks for evaluation and possible repair. Repair work required staff to take a variety of measures. Some leaks could be fixed by simply tightening a fire hydrant, while other projects involved excavation of streets to install repair clamps on water main breaks and for the further evaluation of leaks in resident-owned water supply services. Follow up testing later in 2016 reported a drop to 93 remaining leaks. Continued repairs led to further efficiency when a 2017 report revealed a drop to 58 leaks. This month the department finished its 2019 leak detection reporting with a historic low number of 23 leaks.





Benefits from these improvements to the water supply distribution system are experienced at both the source water withdrawal and production side of the City’s drinking water treatment process, and the receiving wastewater processing facilities. “The water treatment plant on Little Britain Road saw a drop in production from 6.3 million gallons per day to 2.8 million,” explained Wayne Vradenburgh, Superintendent of the City’s Water Department. The City’s Water Treatment Plant is currently permitted by New York State to produce 8.85 million gallons of drinking water daily.

The repair of leaks in the water distribution system also has a dramatic effect on the amount of wastewater that the City treats at its wastewater treatment plant located at the end of Renwick Street. During the month of September, wastewater treatment plant operators reported a historic low wastewater treatment rate of approximately 4.8 million gallons per day, a direct result of fixing leaks to make the system more efficient. The environmental benefits include a reduction in the frequency and duration of combined sewer overflow events to the Hudson River and Quassaick Creek.

Newburgh Crosswalks

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