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Coyotes Are Thriving, And On The Run

Coyotes Are Thriving,

And On The Run

By Edie Johnson

Fall is a favorite time for migration of animals, especially those who have reared young in protective areas and seek to bring them out into the wild and compete with other predators.  This year has seen plenty of foxes in our area, and even more coyotes.  Many of them are currently ‘on the move’ to winter quarters. A male and female coyote in the areas of Craigville and Round Hill Roads traveled through the forest and power lines on Prospect Road, up Old Dominion and Tuthill roads at times, and neighbors heard at least 5 or 6 youngsters howling.  At first it was baby howls.  Then, by the end of August, letting out frightening ready-to-hunt howls.  The last week of August mom coyote (I call her “Willa”), was in this writer’s horse paddock creeping rather boldly toward my mini burro. That signaled time for added protection, including a new shed right by the back door and flood lights left on all night. Two dogs in the neighborhood were spooked by them and rescued on Route 94 the same night. Two weeks later a pack of 6 was seen on the Weirs property in North Washingtonville, while a bear was also seen nearby.  Residents in the area of Toleman Rd. posted on social media saying, “That’s nothing!  There are packs of 30 or 40, and they venture right into the Village.

The coyote pictured here was one of two frequenting Cornwall.  This one seems healthy, but the other is said to be covered in mange.

Coyotes are not generally dangerous when they come upon humans, unless they have rabies (in which case they appear sickly and often drooling foamy white).  If confronted by an adult waving hands and yelling they will USUALLY trot off.  But small animals (dogs and cats, calves, foals), or any elderly or animals with existing injury are at risk, especially if the coyotes are travelling in a pack.  Small children could be at risk in a rural yard alone as well.  So while we all love living in the country,  keep a lookout if you go outside in the evening, and if you see one nearby do it a favor and act big …send it back into the wild where it belongs.

And don’t think that if you live in the town or village you are ‘out of range’.  One was seen several days ago strolling St. Mary’s parking lot in the Village of Washingtonville.

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