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Golden Songsters Treat Country Inn Assisted Living Residents to a Songfest

Golden Songsters Treat Country Inn Assisted Living
Residents to a Songfest

By Edie Johnson

New Windsor – New Windsor Councilman Eric Lundstrom and his wife Cindy have been members of a group called the “Golden Songsters” since 1986.  Their duets are the highlight of many of the performances these days, but couldn’t be the starring event if it was not for the other 10-12  club members who travel with them to nursing and assisted living residences around Orange County, and occasionally beyond. The group is assisted by pianist Hazel Lake who provides some of the glue that keeps the smiles and laughter going, urging those watching to participate, whether by singing along or just smiling and clapping enthusiastically.  This performance began with a lovely duet by the Lundstroms of “People Will Say We’re In Love.” and continued with some oldtime favorites along with funtastic Hawaiian songs.  Over the years the group has had, and still has numerous other contributors, soloists and even a violinist including Audrey Rossetti on voice and Violinist and Irish tenor John McCormack who played through his early 90’s..  There are currently about 10 members visiting senior citizens who clearly enjoy some added joy in their lives, especially as the holiday season approaches.

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