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Washingtonville and Salisbury Mills FD Open Houses Held

Washingtonville and Salisbury Mills FD Open Houses Held

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Both the Washingtonville and Salisbury Mills Fire Departments held their annual open houses on Oct. 5, to the enjoyment of area children. Kids ate hamburgers and hot dogs and learned about fire safety by escaping out of smoke houses while others investigated all kinds of fire and police vehicles, rescue boats, fire extinguishers, and learned about how the 911 system works.

In the center of the rear parking lot, Monell firefighters demonstrated the safe extraction of a victim from a car, which they carefully cut apart using firefighter’s tools.

The Washingtonville Police Department was on hand to let kids sit in a police car and manipulate the lights and sirens, as well as sit in the cage in back. Firearms, pepper guns, and tasers were on display and questions were answered by firearms instructor Dave Pritchard. Gun safety locks were also given out for free.

In addition, Mike Cody’s traveling 9/11 Museum came from Middletown to educate visitors about the September 11 terrorist attacks on America, with all proceeds going to veterans’ organizations such as the military wall in Middletown and the Honor Flight.

These open houses also kicked off Fire Prevention Education week, where across Orange County fire departments visited schools teaching students in grades K-2 about fire prevention and safety.

CAPTION (above): Mike Cody’s traveling 9/11 Museum.

CAPTION 1: A family donned pink fire helmets as they watched Monell firefighters cut a victim out of a car. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 2: Young boys got to be police officers behind the wheel of a Washingtonville Police Department vehicle, operating the lights and sirens with WPD Det. Santosuosso riding shotgun. 

CAPTION 3: The Salisbury Mills Fire Department raised their giant flag to welcome visitors to their open house.


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