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Washingtonville’s New Kindergarten Wing…and More

Washingtonville’s New Kindergarten Wing…and More

By Eugenia Moskowitz

School Spirit Soars

What happens when Washingtonville school district residents are asked to vote multiple times daily for school spirit? They win the school spirit challenge, with over 30,000 votes coming in, securing the district a visit from news media on Oct. 4. A wind ensemble played, making for a memorable TV clip, as well as an increase in school spirit as many students wore blue and gold for the day. “When I say Wizard, you say Nation!” rang out from the music room as students rallied, the pep band played, and everyone showed their school spirit for the camera. In addition, Wizard Wednesdays are now a thing at all five schools, with students encouraged to wear their spirit colors every Wednesday.

New Seaman Wing Named

The Washingtonville Central School District recently dedicated its new kindergarten wing in honor of longtime head of curriculum and instruction Dr. Janet L. Seaman, who served the district since 1963 and retired in 2018. Taking her position in September of last year was Barbara Quinn, who was also at the celebration along with incoming school superintendent Dr. Larry Washington (who started in September) and outgoing superintendent Roy Reese, as well as senator James Skoufis, who was instrumental in securing the funding necessary for the district’s transition from half-day to full-day kindergarten. Many others, including school administrators, staff, teachers, PTA leaders, and parents also spoke at the Seaman Wing’s festive dedication.

school 3


school 2

school 4

CAPTIONS 1-3: Washingtonville colors were displayed brightly last week in celebration of the district winning the first week of the school spirit voting challenge. (Photos provided) 

CAPTION 4: Dr. Janet L. Seaman (left) and Barbara Quinn (right) stood under the archway of the Washingtonville school district’s new full-day kindergarten wing, centrally located for all kindergarten students at Round Hill Elementary School. (Photo provided)




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