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Newburgh City Dems & Working Families Launch Early Voting Event

Newburgh City Dems & Working Families Launch Early Voting Event

October 19, 2019 – The Newburgh City Democratic Committee and Working Families Party announce a Day One Historic Early Voting Launch on Saturday October 26, 2019 starting at

10:00am, outside City of Newburgh Activities Center, 401 Washington Street, in the City ofNewburgh. Be a part of voting history! Come at 10am and get ‘I VOTED’ stickers, donuts and refreshments.

Newburgh City Democratic Committee and Working Families Party are doing joint canvassing events throughout the city aimed at ensuring residents know about the nine days of Early Voting available to them to cast their vote. Candidates supported by both parties, Mayor Torrance Harvey, Council Member at Large Anthony Grice, and Omari Shakur and their campaign volunteers are focused on increasing overall voter participation. Early voting opportunities allow those that wouldn’t be able to cast a vote on election day because of barriers such as being unable to take time off work, or childcare commitments, or limited access to reliable transportation – barriers that disproportionately impact low income voters and voters of color.

Candidate Mayor Harvey sees October 26th 2019 as a day ‘ the entire state of New York has an opportunity to make history collectively…why wait until November 5th?’ Candidate and Council Member At Large Grice ‘urge[s] everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. For true equity, residents must have access.’ Candidate Shakur calls early voting a ‘game changer’ for New Yorkers.

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City of Newburgh Early Voting Schedule:

Saturday, Oct. 26 10AM-3PM

Sunday, Oct. 27 10AM-3PM

Monday, Oct. 28 12PM-8PM

Tuesday, Oct. 29 7AM-3PM

Wednesday, Oct. 30 12PM-8PM

Thursday, Oct. 31 9AM-5PM

Friday, Nov. 1 12PM-8PM

Saturday, Nov. 2 1PM-6PM

Sunday, Nov. 3 10AM-3PM

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