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BREAKING NEWS: Big Win In Village of South Blooming Grove Bus Decision

BREAKING NEWS: The Village of South Blooming Grove Court Decision Will Allow Denial of  Permit

In a court case that has been going on for the better part of a year, a decision was reached today that allows the Village to deny permits to a bus company they believe has been breaking the permit conditions left and right since a limited code allowed it to transport residents, in areas between Blooming Grove and Kiryas Joel.

This decision is a big win for villagers who insist the same laws must apply to everyone, and that there should be penalties for flagrantly violating a code that was agreed to in good faith.  Villagers have been requesting that the vehicle be impounded because of breaking speed limits, stopping and turning around in narrow back streets, creating unsafe conditions, denying transportation to all but select residents, and making many stops not permitted in the code.  But the issue was “Code Related” rather than a police enforcement issue.  Villagers have held a vigorous letter writing campaign for about 6 months, detailing the ongoing violations to the court.  They have attended the court hearings in sizeable groups as well.

Several residents of the village quickly responded to the breaking news saying they are very relieved that the court has heard them and made what they feel is a just decision.

Village of South Blooming Grove, NY v. Derech Emunah, LLC, et al./Orange County Supreme Court Index No. 002727-2019


John McGowan

3:29 PM (1 hour ago)

Good afternoon. My firm represents the Village of South Blooming Grove, NY, in the above-captioned action. I write in response to the recent Supreme Court’s recent Decision (from yesterday 10/28/19) granting the application of Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP as Attorneys for the Village for a Preliminary Injunction, which we believe is a victory for the equal application of the laws. On September 23, 2019, the Village Board voted to deny the Bus Permit and the Village expects the Bus Company to comply with the applicable law now determined by the Supreme Court. Further, Village of South Blooming Grove Mayor James LoFranco states, “As Village Mayor I can gladly report that the Village has been vindicated in the Supreme Court’s Decision upholding the Village Board action denying the Bus Permit.  As Village Mayor, I have always applied the Village laws equally to everyone at all times.  I will continue to do so in the future since being fair to all is the only way forward for the future of our Village.”


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