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Officials Join with SEIU and CSEA Unions to Protest Planned $246 Million Cuts to Nursing Homes

Officials Join with SEIU and CSEA Unions to Protest Planned

$246 Million Cuts to Nursing Homes

This week Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson (D-104), Senator James Skoufis (DHudson Valley), Senator Jen Metzger (D-Hudson Valley), and Assemblymember Aileen Gunther (D-100) joined nursing home workers from 1199SEIU and the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) to protest Medicaid cuts (which would cut  $246 million statewide beginning on November 6th.

The group met in front of the Valley View Center for Nursing Care and Rehabilitation in Goshen. Valley View faces a cut of $1.2 million under the Medicaid SPA. Assemblymember Jacobson said, “Nursing homes in New York are already struggling. The cut proposed under this Medicaid State Plan amendment would force facilities across the state to limit services and lay off essential staff. Nursing home residents are among our most vulnerable populations. I am committed to protecting New York’s seniors and fighting for the rights and jobs of the workers who care for them. They said  that the State needs to look elsewhere for cuts. The State Budget should not be balanced on by back of our vulnerable seniors and nursing homes. This is penny wise and pound foolish since the $123 million state cut will result in an additional loss of $123 million in Federal matching funds.In a budget of $176 billion, it is hard to believe that these cuts are necessary,”

Senator Skoufis said, “The cuts proposed in this Medicaid State Plan Amendment will

undoubtedly have detrimental effects to the very centers providing care for our seniors.

Healthcare, especially for our vulnerable and elderly, is a foundation to every community and cannot be neglected by our government. I will continue working with my colleagues in the Legislature to do anything possible to mitigate these cuts. At the very least, the state must delay implementing these egregious Medicaid changes and allow further review from stakeholders across the state. We cannot jump ship on funding nursing homes that provide essential care to our elders.”

Laurence LaDue, Valley View Administrator, said “As a government owned/not-for-profit skilled nursing facility, Valley View is a safety net public facility and it’s our mission to provide essential long-term medical services to low income and vulnerable populations. Thus, Valley View has a higher percentage of Medicaid residents, 78% of Valley View’s residents are on Medicaid, a higher Medicaid percentage than privately owned SNFs. As a result, the new CMI Medicaid rate has a significant negative impact to our Medicaid revenue. The CMI rate change will result in a $800,000 reduction in Medicaid revenue for 2019 and $1.3 million reduction in Medicaid revenue for 2020.”



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