The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead



Light  Turnout Brings Clear Support For Most Officials

One Big Win, and A Few Still Too Close To Call

Dozens of polling places had a steady but slow flow of voters for local elections on Tuesday, with a disappointing average percentage for the county of 26.49% of 222,537 registered voters, and that of a total  estimated county population 382,226.

Most existing supervisors and mayors got percentages of resounding support, with the exception of Supervisor George Green of New Windsor who lost to George Meyers whose clear win  included  72.19% of the vote. The contest for council members  is still up in the air with just a few vote difference between councilwoman Patricia Mullarkey and contender Sylvia Santiago.

In another race just about too close to call, Chester Supervisor,  Bob Valentine is the unofficial winner against contender Susan Bahren, but only by  a relatively small margin, and Bahren who is a former Village of Chester Mayor and Election Commissioner is not giving in yet, pointing to about 60 affadavits and absentee ballots yet to be counted.  These affadavits and absentee ballots will be counted by November 15

New Windsor

Supervisor, George Meyers – 72.19
Council Members
Stephen Bedetti
Sylvia Santiago – not official
Patricia Mullarkey – not official
Town Clerk – Kelly Allegra – 53.15
Highway Superintendent – Anthony Fayo

Blooming Grove

Supervisor, Rob Jeroloman – 98.81%                                                                 Council Members
Ward 1 – Cathy Gregg-Acevedo -96.12%
Ward 2 – Tom DeVinko – 97.65%
Ward 3 – Chuck Quick – 97.12
Ward 4 – Sonia Ayala – 99.61
Ward 5 – George Doering Jr. – 67.89
Ward 6 – Steven Amante – 99.05
Town Clerk Darlena Decker – 98.76
Supt. of Highways – Wayne Kirkpatrick – 68.63

Supervisor Bob Valentine – 50.37%
Council Members

Orlando Perez – 35.09
Cindy Smith – 33.40
Tom Becker – 28.38
Robert Courtenay – 24.90
Highway Superintendent – Anthony LaSpina – 99.37


Supervisor – Richard Randazzo – 90.26
Council Members
Josh Wojehowski – 26.94%
Kerry McGuiness – 26.52
Virginia Scott – 51.05
Town Clerk – Renata McGee – 98.82

Town of Newburgh

Supervisor, Gil Piaquadio – 98.89
Council Members
Scott Manley – 37.21
James Presutti – 36.29
Town Clerk – Joseph Pedi – 53.85

City of Newburgh

Mayor, Torrence Harvey – 74.54
Council Members
Anthony Grice – 38.23
Omar Shakur- 33.85
Robert Sklarz – 62.40

Caption: Among dozens of polling places in the area, the Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Community Center, on the border of New Windsor and Cornwall, had a steady flow of voters, especially with people coming home from work at dusk.  The church, like many others in the area, has a tight community group that sponsors many community activities, including voting.  The church site is historic, dating back to 1729 and some of the earliest voting in the region may have taken place there.


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